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Do you want to research your visitor behavior and understand how to improve the website UX? User session replays will provide more insights about it you might ever expect. At Creabl, we have developed a session recording tool that can help you stop guessing what your online customers really want.

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What is a session replay and what insights does it hide?

A user session replay is the ability to reproduce the visitor’s journey on a website. It includes all the user interactions on a site, such as clicks, scrolling, highlighting, typing, tapping, mouse movement, etc. A session playback shows you the visitor’s interaction with a website as close as it has been experienced in reality.

A web session replay is a rich source of qualitative data that can only be watched, experienced, and understood, but not measured by common analytics tools. It provides a lot of intangible information about the hardships and confusion the user may experience during a journey. It allows you to find out bugs, eliminate them, and provide a smoother website experience.

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How Creabl can boost your website performance

There are many ways session replay tools, like Creabl, can help you improve website performance, deliver a more enjoyable experience, and drive the web visitor’s loyalty to your company. If you’re new to session recording tools, these use cases will help you get into what becomes possible with user visitor recordings.

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Map your website visitors' journey

The most impactful benefit of free session replay tools is that they can help you map your web user’s entire journey, from the first entrance to the last interaction on a website. It allows you to investigate the potential customer behavior, understand their needs better, and adjust web design layouts to what they’d love to experience on your website.


By mapping the web user’s whole interaction with your company online, you can clearly see on which web pages your potential customers experience difficulties, detect technical bugs and UI design infelicities that cause confusion, and eliminate them immediately.

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Improve website navigation

You might be sure that your visitors can navigate your website easily and quickly find exactly what they are looking for. However, after watching a full user session replay, you may find out that’s maybe not all true. It narratively demonstrates whether an existing UX architecture matches your users’ expectations or not.


You can easily build better website navigation with Creabl. This free session replay tool can help you detect friction areas and show why visitors find it complicated to transit from one web page to another.

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Enhance form design

The form design usually includes elements, such as fields, a call-to-action button, form location, and so on. All of them require to be optimized according to the user needs. Session replay tools allow you to test what CTA text, form location on a web page, and other design components perform better and convert sales, sign-ups, or downloads.


Watch free session replays, detect visitor behavior patterns, and craft a more personalized design that addresses the user’s needs and corresponds to the expectations of different target groups.

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Reduce bounce rates

Is your bounce rate high even though your website traffic is great? Creabl can help you define why. You can watch user session recordings to identify where your visitors have landed on a website, how they have navigated through it, and where they have bounced off.


By watching a number of user session replays, you can find out specific user behavior patterns, understand what people from each of your audience’s segments experience, and what triggers them to leave a website. Adjust your web design layout, content quality, and navigational gaps to make your site even more engaging and reduce the bounce rate.

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Run website experiments

Don’t shoot in the dark with fingers crossed. Now, you can make data-driven decisions on how to improve your website usability and design. Visitor session replays can help you run more insightful experiments on your website.


Testing without data means that if your experiment succeeds, it succeeds, but if not — it’s almost impossible to figure out why. On the contrary, user session recording allows you to run A/B tests of different web page versions and gather the data you need to implement your optimization plan.

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What about user privacy?

User privacy is always foremost. At Creabl, we take the question of security very seriously. That’s why we have cared about creating the visitor replay solution that doesn’t collect sensitive data. It excludes information about passwords, text fields like emails, or account IDs from being recorded. Creabl provides only visual insights about how users browse on your site and generalized demographical information without saving personal user data.

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FAQs about session replay tools

What kind of user activity do session replay tools record?

Session replay tools can record almost any kind of user activity on a website, including clicking, typing, highlighting, scrolling, tapping, and more.

How can a session replay help me?

By watching session replays, you can see how real users interact with your website, what buttons they click to navigate, and how they scan your content. It can help you find out bugs, improve user experience design, and optimize content to drive better results.

How can I get started with the Creabl session replay tool?

Getting started with Creabl is simple. You just need to sign up for a free trial. After this, you will be supplied with Tracking Code you should put on your website. Once Creabl’s code is on your site, a system starts recording user sessions on your website.

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