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Playback everything visitors do on your site to learn how you can deliver a better user experience

At Creabl, we have created a solution that allows you to spy on how people interact with your website. Equip your team with an all-in-one user session recording tool that helps research how to improve your website UX and provide better online customer support. Get visual insights and qualitative data that are invisible to other website analytics tools.

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How visitor recordings can help you understand online customers

Visitor session recording allows you to watch an online customer journey. You can see what people are searching on your website, how they are navigating between web pages, and how they are scanning your content. It helps get a more comprehensive understanding of online customer needs and make your website match them.

You can record visitors on your website to monitor their natural behavior and interactions with UI design elements, call-to-action phrases, links, and buttons. It allows you to conduct in-depth customer journey research, adjust your content to the users’ expectations, and boost conversions.

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What challenges you can handle with website visitor recording

Are you wondering how visitor recording can help boost your online business and deliver a better experience to customers? Session recordings provide a lot of visual data that indicates web visitor engagement or confusion on your website so that you can optimize the user journey upon these insights. Creabl session recording tool is your ultimate solution to plenty of online challenges.

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Replay and solve bugs faster

Have you got a support ticket about your website errors although your bug report shows that everything is good? You might be surprised by the fact of how many errors are invisible to common website analytics tools or are impossible to detect during user tests. Luckily, Creabl provides an opportunity to collect the visitor recordings and find out errors as users browse on your site.


Session recording is a great practice to enhance the website visitor experience. You can link user session links to error reporting software and customer service tickets. Thus, you will never need to ask about a screenshot or ask for more information about “what’s gone wrong.”

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Optimize conversion rates

As an entrepreneur, marketer, product owner, or service provider, you must know that conversion rate optimization is a neverending process that requires a lot of effort. To make things easier for you, we have created a tool that allows you to watch real visitor sessions, discover a customer journey on your site, and detect what limits your conversions.


See what pages potential customers browse on your site, how they interact with pop-ups, notifications about discounts, and CTA buttons. Discover what types of content they like and which design elements attract their attention. It will help you come up with ideas about how to build your product landing page and optimize a sales funnel.

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Improve customer support

The customer support job is one of the most important and challenging at the same time. It requires a full commitment, empathy, and super-power to understand customer problems quickly. Support professionals must be familiar with questions like “How to understand a customer problem faster?” or “Could you please provide a screenshot of the issue?”


Session replay software can help you understand a customer problem and provide a solution. All you need is just to co-browse with customers in real-time and detect a problem they experience at a certain phase of a sales funnel.

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Understand the user experience

Every digital product requires detailed UX research and continuous iterations. Most of the user experience designers face two biggest challenges related to website UX optimization. The first one lies in the fact that complex UX studies are usually expensive, slow, and unreliable.


The second one is that they need to test how a product UX performs on dozens of devices, browsers, operating systems, etc. You can record website visitors to help designers implement user testing by gathering UX insights on-demand. You can watch visitor sessions to make sure that design elements feel intuitive for users and a website looks great on different devices.

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Measure feature adoption

Have you recently incorporated a new feature into your digital product and want to learn whether users like it or not? An excellent idea is to measure your feature adoption using a session replay tool. All you need is only to playback and analyze visitor sessions that include interactions with it.


This simple yet genius use of visitor recordings can help you avoid long hours of user testing. Now, you can implement detailed UX research and test any of your design adoptions much more easily. There is no need to involve additional costs and human resources for it.

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How to analyze session recordings?

The moment when you watch how visitors interact with your website is always exciting. If you have never analyzed session recordings before, we recommend paying particular attention to how users navigate to other web pages, what buttons they use for it, how much time it takes to complete an action, usual mouse activity, like wild scrolling or clicking, how users scan your content, etc. It must help you better understand natural user behavior on your website and define what elements perform well or need improvements.

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FAQs about visitor recordings

What is a user session (visitor session)?

A user session or a visitor session is the presence of an online visitor with a specific IP address who has not visited your website recently.

Is it easy to get started with session recordings?

It’s even easier than you might expect! Just sign up for a free trial and receive a tracking code. After you place it on your website, Creabl will start collecting user sessions immediately.

How can I use a visitor session recording?

You can use visitor recordings to find our UX design bugs, learn what drives user engagement or frustration on your website, optimize site performance, and increase conversion rates.

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