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A simple and affordable user-behavior analytics. Not just another session recording tool, but a conversion rate optimization tool that helps you understand your users better.

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Know who converts and why

Create funnels easily, and have them broken down by behavior or any user attribute to understand better what users convert most actively. Or, define the funnel steps that may cause friction to engage your users before they drop off even better.

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Mouse trails and clicks on the tip of your finger

Creabl records actual mouse movements when visitors surf across your website pages. You may also see where they click and how often they move up and down on a page.

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Analyze product usage in details

Understand how your users tend to behave, what they do and how they do it. Get all the data about them that helps you making well-measured decisions. We can tell you, for example, how many sessions they went through before they even made a targeted action.

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Identify retention & conversion drivers

See how often your users return and get that feature stickiness visualized. Dive deeper by slicing and dicing retention data to define which user groups may retain best, and which ones - cause churn.

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Group users in convenient ways

User segmentation makes it possible to learn about your customers on a deeper level so you can tailor your content to their unique needs and challenges. It also allows you to identify new opportunities for products, support, and service efficiently.

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Scroll, click, movement, geo, live, attention

Check out how far do users scroll? Where do they click? Which content drives conversions? What distracts them from the journey? Where is my user located? How they interact with your interface? We got it on the fingertips!


What’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and how it’s performed?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process organized through an effective conversion rate optimization platform to encourage your website visitors so that they take the desired action. Depending on your business goals, it may be starting a subscription, uploading material, purchasing a product, opting for a demo, free trial, and so on.

To perform CRO, you need a tool before you understand how users navigate your website pages, where they click, how they read the content, and, most importantly, why they may leave your site without completing an anticipated conversion.

Can I perform a usability analysis with the Creabl conversion optimization platform?

Creabl offers a range of features necessary to perform an effective usability analysis to improve your website performance within your sales funnel. You will be able to apply session recording, track clicks, and study heat maps, which show the data on the users’ interactions and other behavior with the most crucial website elements that help to decide if CRO is necessary.

How to analyse user behaviour with the help of Creabl software?

If you investigate your website with the Creabl enterprise conversion rate optimization platform, then you get the most whole analysis of the data found. The gathered information may be compared with other user analytics to give you a clearer view of your user cohorts and avoid hasty decisions. Sign in and start using Creabl to conduct your website research and analyse the results in no time. Regularly test even the slightest changes to draw the maximum benefit from CRO.

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