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Any business success depends on the constant growth of sales and the number of customers. The goal of any project is to create such conditions where there are always more new customers than those who have left, that is to reduce revenue churn.

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What is Churn Rate?

What is churn rate? Churn rate (outflow) is the percentage of subscribers (for example, to SaaS or push notifications from the website) who unsubscribed from the communication channel, and abandoned the services during a certain period of time.

How to calculate churn rate?

How to calculate churn rate fast and easily? There are ready-made calculators that allow you to make a forecast for subscribing to site updates automatically, taking into account your initial data on any marketing channel efficiency.

What is the formula to calculate Churn Rate?

To determine your average churn rate, take all the customers you lost during a certain time period, (a month) and divide it by the total number of customers you had at the beginning of it. Then multiply this number by 100 and get the percentage of customer churn. For example, if a company had 500 customers at the beginning of the month and only 450 customers are left at the end of the period, its customer churn rate would be (500-450) / 500 = 50/500 = 10%.

What is a good Churn Rate for a SaaS business?

Averagely, a monthly churn rate for a SaaS is good when it’s 3-7% for smaller companies and 1-2% for larger turnover companies. Net revenue churn rate: 10-15% for smaller companies and 5-7% for larger companies.

What is the difference between Retention and Churn Rate?

There’s a difference between Retention and Churn rate customer. Retention rate is the ratio of those customers that return to do business with your company. This differs from customer churn rates because churn rather refers to the customers’ number you've lost over a time.

How to reduce Churn?

Reduce your churn is essential because the more customers you churn, the more money you must spend to recoup the business loss by finding new ones. Customer churn rate can be reduced in several ways:

  • calculating churn regularly,
  • thorough churn analysis,
  • better customer engagement,
  • Targeting the right audience,
  • customer education,
  • risk management,
  • Defining your most valuable customers,
  • Offering incentives,
  • Giving a better service.

Also, look at what the churn rate is, how you can calculate it, and how to reduce customer churn with the help of Creabl tools or similar.

What tools can improve customer retention?

Alongside churn calculation tools, you may also apply effective customer retention tools like customer relationship managers (CRM), customer loyalty programs, apply gamification and personalization. Also, use automation tools for CRO, data analysis, gathering customer feedback, or website optimization.

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