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Conversion calculators are a good way for an online store or website to measure its profit from digital marketing activities. To accurately calculate the indicator, you need to consider the following things: the number of targeted actions and the number of visitors.

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What is the conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the percentage of users, the target action coefficient, relative to the total number of users in the expected funnel engagement.

What is conversion value?

A conversion value is usually a certain numerical value that you assign to specific conversions (CPC, website leads, ROI, etc.) in order to fully represent their impact on your business. Conversion values help you with measuring and optimizing the true business impact and security of your marketing ad campaigns more accurately.

Why is conversion value important?

It is very important because it foresees the amount an investor would have received. If you assign values to all your conversions, you'll be able to learn the total value driven by your ads across different conversions, but not just simply the number of conversions that have happened.

How to estimate conversion value?

Conversion value may be estimated with the formula: Conversion value=Average customer revenue x Profit margin x Conversion rate.

How to calculate conversion value?

You are free to calculate the conversion value of any deal, transaction, etc. with the help of the calculator automatically fast and easily.

Conversion value formula

Apply the following conversion rate formula to measure your revenue from the activity (ads) with the value added. Conversion rate = (Conversions) / (Number of ad interactions).

How does our conversion value calculator work?

Our conversion value calculator will calculate your indicator with the help of a formula. The process will be automatically accomplished without much effort on your part. The data will help you improve your website metrics.

How to improve the conversion rate?

There is a couple of easy ways to improve your indicators. Here they are for a start:

  • track conversion rate before you start working on a campaign, and after it,
  • accurately assess your current situation,
  • vary with keywords,
  • work out negative keywords,
  • view search query reports regularly,
  • specify prices in ads to attract & bond buyers, etc.

Try to determine the number of people who responded positively to the company's offer: if they asked to send a price list, attended a presentation in the office, etc. Then determine the number of those who made an action and calculate the final cost of the purchase at every stage of the sales funnel.

How to calculate the conversion rate?

The conversion rate is calculated very simply: the number of conversions will be divided by the total number of interactions with the ad in the same period. For example, if 50 conversions are received for 1000 interactions, this value will be equal to 5% (50 ÷ 1000).

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