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What is Click Tracking: Using it and Increasing Conversions
23 Sep- 7 min read

Click tracking is a good way to improve your website conversion. Website click tracking can be set up so that users’ views are viewable on the analytics dashboard. For example, you may get information about available “Buy Now” buttons or click on a phone number or any other target actions. Let’s consider what click tracking […]

Secrets of the E-Commerce Conversion Funnel: Effective Ways to Increase Conversion & Drive Sales
20 Sep- 9 min read

An eCommerce conversion funnel helps online store owners understand better their visitor’s customer journey. It’s an extensive series of stages that proceed through time: from learning how your website visitors move through your conversion funnel to analysing what you may optimize to make improvements. Now let’s find out what you can do to understand the […]

Funnel Drop Off: How to Fix it & Increase Users Conversions
15 Sep- 8 min read

The sales funnel is, perhaps, a must-have for any marketing strategy today. How this instrument should look like and what to include in it – are quite individual for each and every business model, there may be some miscounts and inaccuracies. That is why sometimes we may observe a funnel drop within this or that […]

Sales Funnel vs. Marketing Funnel: How They Work & What’s the Difference?
25 Aug- 3 min read

The truth is that both the marketing funnel vs. sales funnel should work together to gather as many leads as possible via the marketing funnel, grow your leads with both funnels, and then turn them into purchasers. You must constantly maintain and fuel your relationships with customers so that they return to you repeatedly via […]

What is a Website Heatmap?
22 Aug- 3 min read

Heatmap technology is the basis of one of the leading website heatmap tools created for digital and content marketers and others working on website & conversions improvements. It shows the most incredible efficiency in the range of website optimization cases. Let’s see why you should use them in your business.  What’s the Website Heatmap definition? […]

How to Increase Conversion Rate in Ten Ways?
17 Aug- 5 min read

Sales conversion is the ratio of actual customers to potential ones. In other words, it’s the proportion of those who bought a product or service, and not just inquired on them. According to the recent Forrester research, 96% of people who visit a website do not become buyers (customers, subscribers, etc). Thus, it’s no secret […]

We’re Officially One of the Leading Products on Product Hunt
11 Aug- 2 min read

Creabl enters the top three list on Product Hunt and acquires an awaited place among the most popular technology platforms for the most disruptive innovative products from all over the world – Product Hunt. “WOW! Guys, you are incredible! Because of your support, we’ve reached the summit of Product Hunt and got a prestige spot […]

From Now Creabl is Available on Product Hunt
09 Aug- 3 min read

  An award-winning UX/UI design & product development company releases Creabl technology as their new product to disrupt Product Hunt with a new behavior recording tool, tailored to enhance any digital product. Creabl is an optimization tool that explores onsite customer behavior and improves user experience with all-in-one analytics and conversion optimization software. It uses […]

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?
08 Aug- 8 min read

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a system of measures aimed at increasing the number of site visitors who eventually become customers or perform the desired action on a web page. They are applied to improve conversion of an online store, commercial or non-commercial websites. This allows you to fix existing errors, attract more unique visitors […]