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Fullstory vs Hotjar
09 Nov- 7 min read

Since web analytics tools that comprise a great alternative to GA and may be helpful for tracking user behavior and improving your website traffic or conversion rate are gaining momentum, here you may compare and contrast full story vs hotjar similar to Hotjar vs CrazyEgg which is another great tools to try as based on […]

Hotjar vs CrazyEgg
07 Nov- 7 min read

The most sought-after tools with click maps,  heatmaps, and extensive analysis & report features are online services for marketers, UX designers, usability specialists, and or search engine optimization specialists to study and measure user actions on the website, as well as track the overall performance on the website. No wonder, via click maps you may […]

Qualtrics vs Survey Monkey
25 Oct- 5 min read

In modern-day and the age of excessive data, conducting surveys is essential for business progress. It doesn’t have to be tiresome and lengthy. Online surveys should trigger the process of capturing observations and obtaining specific information so the company can become data-driven. Which service to apply for great surveys? Surveymonkey vs qualtrics review will provide […]

What is a Lead Magnet?
20 Oct- 7 min read

A lead magnet is accessible, available, and instantly downloadable content that you exchange for a customer’s email. Creating and adequately posting such content while paying attention to website usability is one of the most effective ways to build a quality customer base. Let’s check out some key lead magnet ideas and why they are a […]

Why it’s Important to Pay Attention to the Website Usability
17 Oct- 8 min read

Improving the website’s usability will help your resource enter the top search and be in demand. It would help if you made sure that the users understand your website design and rely on it to find the necessary information on the resource pages or commit any other action smoothly and easily. Key principles of good […]

Landing Page Optimization (LPO)
13 Oct- 7 min read

Landing page optimization is the fastest way to improve your conversion rate. If your landing pages are not optimized to run smoothly, all ads or other activities you apply will be more likely to fail. That’s why you should pay attention to your landing page SEO optimization as soon as you have your website ready […]

Customer Effort Score (CES) Understanding & Measuring
06 Oct- 8 min read

The customer effort score question is one of the most essential issues to deal with in your business context. Thus, it’s better to take a closer look at a technique, the CES index, which can also be used to measure consumer loyalty alongside more popular metrics like NPS or other as it provides valuable insights […]

Qualitative and Quantitative Data: What Do You Need it For?
29 Sep- 8 min read

When processing surveys, different methods of getting and analyzing information are used. Two methods that are often confused are quantitative and qualitative analysis. They do not imply the same or substitute each other, they rather complement each other. What assessment to give and how to use them correctly – this is the question of qualitative […]

Website Surveys: How to Use Them to Get the Information You Need
28 Sep- 5 min read

Organizations and agencies may use website surveys to adjust policies, develop marketing strategies or feedback systems, and to better understand the needs of their visitors and make better decisions, etc. Traditionally, surveys were conducted via phone calls or by filling out paper forms, and processing the results was time-consuming. Now it’s changed. How to apply […]