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Learn how a target audience scans your website, get valuable user behavior insights, and optimize your site to drive more conversions. Leverage the power of the Creabl user session recording tool to discover how users behave on your website and deliver a better online experience to them.

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What is website behaviour tracking?

Website behavior tracking is a unique ability to collect and analyze visual data about user actions and behavior patterns. Visitor behavior refers to all clicks, scrolling down pages, reading a blog, and more. They help us understand how the user interacts with a website and allows us to optimize each web page for the desired user action. In the best scenario, this action implies that the visitor moves to the next stage in a sales funnel and becomes a step closer to completing a conversion.

Session recording tools, like Creabl, enable user behavior tracking by capturing all visitor interactions with a website and providing insights about user navigation patterns that can be used to improve user experience design and multiply conversions.

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Website behaviour tracking benefits we offer

You can easily discover what people feel and look for when browsing on your website by watching visitor session recordings. Creabl session replay tool can help you unlock even more amazing benefits of session recording and behavior tracking for your business.

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Understand the visitor's intent and emotion

Creabl helps track user behaviour on a website and identify the user’s actual intent and emotions by replaying activity on your website. Learn what people are trying to do on your website. Discover whether your website UX engages visitors or makes them bored. Even though it may seem to be a mythical aim, it is just a step-by-step process that can be implemented with user session recording tools, like Creabl.


You can analyze clicks, time spent on a web page, and even inactivity to identify the true user preferences, a level of engagement, emotions, and actual intent. Enhance website UX by applying user behavior insights collected by visitor session recording software.

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Research the user's context

User behavior involves preferences and choices made on your website. You can research the context of the user’s intent by investigating what categories, keywords, tags, styles, and brands people are searching for to achieve their goals on your site.


Website visitor session recording can help you get a deep understanding of what products, services, or content are the most interesting to your target audience. These findings allow you to prioritize products in a catalog or efficiently redesign a landing page displaying your services. Let your online customers more easily find what they are looking for on your website.

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Increase content performance

Track user behaviour on a website to define what content on your landing pages and a blog get the most user engagement, how visitors are getting to this content, and what they are doing when they consume it. These findings may change the way you perceive the website content, impact your content strategy, and rethink your editorial calendar.


Visitor behavior tracking lets you figure out how to increase content performance by breaking it down into categories, sections, sub-pages, and making it easy to consume. You can also explore what types of content perform the best on your website.

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Conversion rate optimization

You can see and experience what your potential customers do when trying to complete a conversion on your website. User session recordings can help you research how people go through conversion funnels like adding to cart, checkout, or form submissions.


User session replay and behavior tracking tools can provide visual insights that empower your brand to make a customer journey even more exciting than it is now.

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Enjoy the depth of insights you can get with user behavior tracking

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FAQs about user behavior tracking

How to conduct user behavior analysis?

First of all, it’s recommended to investigate web pages reported as problematic areas of user experience, instead of running a behavior analysis of an entire website. You need just to watch a number of user session recordings to detect average behavior patterns and detect what problems people most often face on this web page.

How to start tracking user behavior on a website?

Creabl allows you to get started with user behavior tracking easily. It starts the first user behavior recording once a Tracking Code is put into your site’s code. After choosing Creabl, you will be provided with additional instructions on how to do it via email.

How can I use visitor behavior tracking to improve website performance?

Visitor behavior recordings help you detect navigation patterns and the most engaging parts of website content. So you can use these insights to create even more appealing landing pages in the future or improve existing ones.

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