Website Surveys: How to Use Them to Get the Information You Need

28 Sep- 5 min read

Website Surveys: How to Use Them to Get the Information You Need 1

Organizations and agencies may use website surveys to adjust policies, develop marketing strategies or feedback systems, and to better understand the needs of their visitors and make better decisions, etc. Traditionally, surveys were conducted via phone calls or by filling out paper forms, and processing the results was time-consuming. Now it’s changed. How to apply for a survey website to get the data you need?

In this article, we will discuss why you might want to conduct a user survey of your website and guide you through the process.

What are website surveys and why are they valuable?

The truth is that questions asked by means of the website surveys are considered to be the most non-intrusive, demand minimum effort (on the part of the respondents, of course), and are an effective way of sharing feedback back so that to keep communication. They enable marketers or similar specialists to gauge your website and then use that data to rectify what is wrong, broken, or outdated and improve that or make good things even better.

What are the types of website surveys?

Let’s check out some sample website surveys of various types you may come across on the web. Online businesses often run the following surveys to understand their visitors, gather feedback, and optimize a variety of their experiences:

Product Market Fit Survey

If you’re launching a new product, the product-market fit will be a good start. Going into a new market, business opinions or looking for ways to grow your business are easily surveyed through the product market fit survey tool in no time.

User Persona / Demographic Survey

In this survey, you send out to your current or potential customers questionnaires to deepen the understanding of who they actually are, where from, and what context they operate in. You will top the customers’ demographic data with a variety of insights into their actual pain points, challenges, tasks, motivations or possible drop-offs.

Exit-intent Survey

When you use an exit intent survey, sometimes also called an eCommerce churn survey, you easily capture the feedback when someone is leaving your website. Once you know why these customers leave, you may try to mitigate it and thus reduce your webpage bounce rate.

Post-purchase Survey

If you apply post-purchase surveys, they are usually run immediately after the customer completes the purchase. Often focusing on areas such as how user-friendly the website was, whether users found everything they were looking for directly, or (for new customers) how they found your website first all, etc.

Why is it important to use website surveys?

One of the most rewarding things about conducting a survey is the sheer amount of information it allows you to collect. A survey will help you get into the minds of users and find out what they think works and what doesn’t. This information helps ensure that the content you create is relevant to the needs of your audience. What’s more, an online survey can reach a significant portion of your audience.

Surveys are mutually beneficial because they allow the website owner to collect valuable data and also give visitors a chance to speak up about their opinion.

How Site Surveys Work

A website survey is a set of questions that allow you to get quantitative and qualitative feedback on your website. (SurveyMonkey) Its work is based on the data gathering algorithm as per set criteria.

Where on your site should you ask survey questions?

It can appear in different forms, from pop-ups to full-page overlays. And you may easily share website usability surveys on different website places, depending on the pages or page elements you want to improve.

Common mistakes when designing site surveys?

Bad survey questions appear to be the result of common mistakes while composing the customer questionnaire templates. Here are the most typical to consider:

 Biased language

The usage of biased language will impact survey respondents negatively. Bad survey questions contain inherent biases that prevent respondents from providing objective answers. Some questions request multiple data at the same time or similar data.


The questions may be composed so that they are vague, complex, and ambiguous. These questions deter from the surveying, as well. So, do the misplaced questions. Create good meanings.

Too many questions

In addition to the unintentionally vague questions and incomplete or mutually non-exclusive response categories, etc., do not use double-barrelled questions and too many questions in general. Better keep it short to save users time.


No matter which website data you collect, one of the most important things to consider is how effectively your site meets your visitors’ needs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the best way to find out is to ask the people who use it directly. There are several ways to do this for marketing, post-purchase or user experience testing any website element. Surveys provide a fast and efficient way to get the information you need directly from customers. Submitting a survey form also allows you to improve customer satisfaction and collect data that you can use to shape and grow your website over time. Feel free to apply surveys and collect data through the tools you find the ideal for your business goal. Do you still have any questions about conducting a website user survey? – Seek Creabl for any website optimization help.


What is the optimal number of questions to have in a survey?

You should aim at 10 or fewer survey questions, especially if you are using multiple text or essay box question types. 3-5 questions will be perfect for an online website survey because 5 or fewer minute-long surveys have even higher completion rates, especially with customer satisfaction and feedback surveys.

Can I trust online surveys?

Yes, users should trust online surveys more. It can be difficult to give people everything they want from a website, but surveys are an invaluable tool that can help tip the scales in your favor. Under a condition, they honestly answer the questions. Reaching out to your users with their thoughts and concerns is the perfect way to increase customer satisfaction, and anonymous surveys are perhaps the best way to find out their true feelings and get their trust.

What type of survey is most effective?

Online user experience surveys are one of the most effective surveying methods. They can be used by anyone for just about any website element and can be easily customized for a particular audience and particular goal.

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