From Now Creabl is Available on Product Hunt

09 Aug- 3 min read


From Now Creabl is Available on Product Hunt 1An award-winning UX/UI design & product development company releases Creabl technology as their new product to disrupt Product Hunt with a new behavior recording tool, tailored to enhance any digital product.

Creabl is an optimization tool that explores onsite customer behavior and improves user experience with all-in-one analytics and conversion optimization software. It uses behavioral tracking to determine where users scroll and touch website pages, helping analyze sales funnels and showing where users commit target actions or leave the website.

“As some of you maybe experienced, building online business isn’t that easy as they say in inspirational podcasts. You have to understand your users, interact with them, help them, analyze them, etc. In order to do that, you need to install and actively use a lot of support products – product analytics, chat, help centre, video recording, triggered email campaigns, lead magnets etc. etc. So we thought, what if we can build a software that contains all the necessary features in one place, costs threefold less, be much more easy-going and easy-implementing.” – says Dima Venglinski, Founder & CEO at Creabl

Among the key features of the platform, there are behavior recording tools with reach analytics, session recording, and funnel building options. The user will also be able to track click maps using heatmaps, apply cohorts to divide users into groups, build funnels on the fly & check product engagement through retention reports, etc.

From Now Creabl is Available on Product Hunt 2The heat map tool is a unique feature that creates a map to visually depict what web site visitors are interacting with on it and in a which pattern. It allows tracking where they click, navigate, scroll, and spend time reading. With this invaluable context, it becomes easier to design website according to the needs of users.

“The work is still in progress. At the moment, we have such features as Session recording, Cohorts, User info, Funnels, Custom events and attributes, Retention reports, and Heatmaps. We’re going to launch a Help Center feature in several weeks, and then Chat + Outbound features in Q1 2023.” – adds CEO

From Now Creabl is Available on Product Hunt 3Already recognized and trusted by a range of leading companies all over the world, Creabl technology is designed for unlimited team members and unlimited use sessions with unlimited value. Today, it additionally gives access to deeper web analytics and robust knowledge about the website parts that attract visitors the most to improve essential UX design elements, sales funnels, customer journeys, and achieve better  business results.

Previously, Fireart Studio has successfully published its technological cases on a range of technology platforms. They also remain a reliable and much sought-after partner for both company giants like Google, Atlassian, Huawei, or Swisscom and the most promising startups and business newborns.

About Creabl:

Creabl behavior recording tool helps businesses create funnels and have them segmented as per behavior or any other user attribute to better understand which users convert most actively and point the teams at the funnel steps that should be improved to cause friction to engage more users.

The platform offers a record of actual mouse movements and clicks during website sessions in real-time, when visitors surf across business pages, click and move up and down on a page to nail up their patterns. Businesses can understand how users from particular cohorts tend to behave, do and use. The data retrieved will help enterprises make better-measured decisions.

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You seem to enjoy the article!

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