We’re Officially One of the Leading Products on Product Hunt

11 Aug- 2 min read

We’re Officially One of the Leading Products on Product Hunt 1

Creabl enters the top three list on Product Hunt and acquires an awaited place among the most popular technology platforms for the most disruptive innovative products from all over the world – Product Hunt.

“WOW! Guys, you are incredible! Because of your support, we’ve reached the summit of Product Hunt and got a prestige spot among the leaders of the day! We’re very happy and honored to be surrounded by such an amazing community of great people. Thank you! Go, go, Creabl!” –  jubilates Dima Venglinski, Creabl Founder & CEO

Creabl is all-in-one analytics, easy and understandable for any product. Not just another session recording tool, but a full-fledged conversion rate optimization tool that helps understand product users better and improve its quality. 

We’re Officially One of the Leading Products on Product Hunt 2“We’re a platform with a focus on SMBs and Startups that have a number of features for understanding and analyzing your users better.” – previously admitted Dima Venglinski, Founder & CEO at Creabl

Among the key features of the platform, there are behavior recording tools that enable seeing where users scroll and touch website pages, reach analytics, which helps analyze & improve sales funnels, and reports, showing where users commit target actions or leave the website. Heatmap and funnel building features are among the technology favorites

We’re Officially One of the Leading Products on Product Hunt 3Basically, Creabl users can track clicks, apply cohorts to divide users into groups, build funnels on the fly & check out product engagement through retention reports, and more, all – for unlimited team members within unlimited use sessions of unlimited value.

About Us:

Creabl behavior recording tool helps businesses create funnels and have them segmented as per behavior or any other user attribute to better understand which users convert most actively and point the teams at the funnel steps that should be improved to cause friction to engage more users.

The platform offers a record of actual mouse movements and clicks during website sessions in real-time, when visitors surf across business pages, click and move up and down on a page to nail up their patterns. Businesses can understand how users from particular cohorts tend to behave, do and use. The data retrieved will help enterprises make better-measured decisions.

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You seem to enjoy the article!

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