How to Track User Behaviour on a Website Using CRO Tools

03 Nov- 7 min read

Would you like to optimize your conversion rate more efficiently? In this article, we are outlining the benefits of using the top 5 CRO tools that can help you.

Today, almost the entire commerce has switched to online mode. There are thousands of websites offering a plethora of products and services. The competition is becoming even more challenging over time, and smart digital marketing is the only way to stand out from the crowd and increase conversions. 

In such a highly competitive landscape, online advertising may seem to be a waste of your money and effort unless you do it right. Understanding your online consumer’s behavior may help you advertise and market your products and services more effectively than competitors. 

Tracking user behavior on the website is one of the most actionable ways to research the audience’s expectations and build your online marketing upon them. Here we have prepared all the essentials you need to know about this method and the list of the best user behavior tracking tools. Are you ready to dig into your website analytics and see what your website visitors need and want indeed?

What Is User Behavior?

How to Track User Behaviour on a Website Using CRO Tools 1

If you want to build a great digital product with an excellent user experience, visitor behavior analytics should be the point of departure in your journey. Online customer behavior helps you figure out “HOW” people expect to interact with your brand online and “WHAT” you need to do to provide a smooth user experience. It allows you to improve UX design, ensure that your company addresses the consumer needs, and grow your CRR (customer retention rate) consequently. 

User behavior tracking can help you find the right approach to customers and provide the online experience to interact with your brand better. Do you know where they click to see your product offering and learn more about it? Or do you probably know how long their website journey lasts until they bounce a web page? Since the moment users land on your site, every interaction matters. Every click, the speed of the scroll, and spots on a website where they spend most of the time or quickly leave may provide you with insights about what engages and frustrates your website visitors. 

This kind of monitoring allows you to determine user behavior patterns and proactively improve the website experience. The primary purpose of user behavior tracking is to understand why your visitors take specific actions on your site, and how you can change the UX design to increase conversions.

Why Tracking User Behavior on Your Website Is So Important

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User behavior insights enable you to meet the user needs and convert website visitors into loyal customers. It’s a cross-industry practice that may be equally useful for all types of businesses. However, eCommerce can benefit from it the most. You can track what products or product categories are the most popular in a catalog. You can also see when and where to place a discount or promote to see the highest results. User behavior tracking is a tactic that may help you answer almost all your sales and marketing-related questions.

It’s advisable to track user behavior on the website to detect obstacles that users might face on the way to a conversion. See what drives their interest and increases engagement, what they are looking for on a page, and what you can do to enhance the overall UX.

Most of the users don’t contact a support team to inform the company about website issues. They browse a site and leave it if it’s something wrong with it. Thus, website behavior tracking comes in handy not only for eCommerce businesses but also for media sites, blogs, and B2B service websites. The game-changers like Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, and Bloomberg track user behavior on the website to develop a better experience for their online audience. 

The Best User Behaviour Tracking & Conversion Optimization Tools

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Aren’t traditional website analytics tools as useful for your business as expected? CRO tools (conversion rate optimization tools) might be what you need. They allow gathering data and insights about your website visitors and shape data-backed hypotheses for your CRO experiments. 

There are many free and paid digital tools that will help you conduct user behavior tracking and conversion optimization more effectively. Likely, you are already aware of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. That’s why we have collected the more innovative analytics software that will provide a more comprehensive understanding of your users. They allow you to see not only WHAT happens on your website, but also WHY it happens. So, let’s take a closer look at the best user behavior tools available on the Internet today.


How to Track User Behaviour on a Website Using CRO Tools 4

Creabl is a young but still powerful CRO and user behavior tracking tool. It allows you to record and replay the full user session from the moment a person enters your website and till they leave it. User session replays can help your marketing team investigate what types of promotion, content, marketing messages, and visuals work best for customers. Moreover, you can use visitor session recordings to research the entire customer journey to identify what technical issues, UX infelicities, or marketing mistakes cause a decrease in conversions and eliminate them more effectively.

Creabl provides user behavior insights that are extremely helpful for marketers, web designers, and developers. This tool helps combine their efforts to provide the user experience that converts better. Creabl offers a completely free 14-day trial with the ability to record up to 1000 user sessions and several paid packages that suit different business needs and goals so that you can choose the best option for you.


How to Track User Behaviour on a Website Using CRO Tools 5

CrazyEgg is a conversion optimization platform with extensive functionality. The company offers a free 30-day trial; however, a paid plan is much more expensive than for a previous tool. CrazyEgg has more extra features like heatmap, scroll map, and confetti report. It shows your screenshots with hotter spots where the users usually click more than others. CrazyEgg’s competitive advantage is the A/B testing feature that allows you to compare two different versions of the web page.


How to Track User Behaviour on a Website Using CRO Tools 6

Hotjar is one of the most popular tracking and conversion optimization tools with over five years of reputation in the market. Its key features include heatmaps, video recording, instant feedback for your website visitors, and user surveys. Heatmaps show where the most clicking activity happens. 

You can view multiple screen sizes to optimize for different devices. Hotjar’s most significant advantage is the integration with WordPress, Shopify, and Wix. It’s one of the best tools that provide insights about how users interact with your site and what you might improve for better conversions.


How to Track User Behaviour on a Website Using CRO Tools 7

Clicktale is another leader among tools for website data analysis and conversion optimization. Partnering with big brands around the world, it has gained a positive reputation. Unlike in many CRO tools, all features provided by Clicktale are available in both mobile and desktop versions. What makes this tool different is that it offers different types of heatmaps, including Tap Heatmap, Attention Heatmap, Exposure, and Link Analytics. They will give you valuable information to help build a better strategy and attract customers more effectively. Furthermore, it also offers the feature of Session Replays and analytics dashboards that help you get even more insights. 


Website user behavior tracking is essential for any business. It empowers businesses to build online experiences that match your customer needs. It’s time to stop guessing what your users want. You can see it using one of the conversion optimization tools described above. They will help you understand visitors better and optimize a website for conversions. Visitor session replays will help you find out online customer behavior patterns and improve user experience and digital marketing upon these insights.  

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