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In modern-day and the age of excessive data, conducting surveys is essential for business progress. It doesn’t have to be tiresome and lengthy. Online surveys should trigger the process of capturing observations and obtaining specific information so the company can become data-driven. Which service to apply for great surveys? Surveymonkey vs qualtrics review will provide an answer.

Software category comparisons

Suppose you’re choosing between the software in order to pick an ideal for your research conduct, it’s better to pay attention to the category comparisons to obtain the fullest picture of what you’re going to acquire qualtrics versus surveymonkey. Here are some points to pay attention to.


SurveyMonkey is a secure online survey tool that allows users to create professional surveys to streamline their workflow easily.

Qualtrics is one of SurveyMonkey’s leading alternative services as a simple safe survey platform. It allows users to easily collect large amounts of data and provides them with various analytical tools.

Multi-channel support

SurveyMonkey offers GetFeedback as its multi-channel customer experience (CX) platform that enables various organizations to capture their surveys across all the channels easily and quickly analyze them for multiple trends and act on them quickly to improve customer service.

There are generally three main use cases from Qualtrics for multichannel customer support. These feedback methods: are event surveys, kiosk surveys, and consumer surveys.


SurveyMonkey has internationalized to build a world-class business keeping it globally-minded. The product is universally accessible. Their survey platform is available in 16 languages, and surveys are enabled to be written in 57! They also accept payments in any of 39 global currencies.

Qualtrics empowers numerous companies to capture and act on product, customer, brand & employee experience insights in one place so they’ve achieved great progress in the internalization of their platform to be accessible to a wide range of users all over the world.

Reporting Options

Surveymonkey is useful if you’re doing market research, compiling customer satisfaction surveys, or collecting employee experience data.

Qualtrics is especially attractive to large organizations, which, more than anyone, require more advanced reporting capabilities. Thus, Qualtrics is designed with large corporations and enterprises in mind. An unlimited number of surveys can be created.

Real-time actions

Instant Results from SurveyMonkey allows you to show your respondents a real-time summary of results when they complete the survey.

Qualtrics offers advanced survey reporting options. You can create detailed surveys with question branches based on more choices than the competition.

Real-time analysis

Viewing Question Summaries, the default Analyze view, for example, gives you quick insights into the overall survey results. For more close-ended questions, you may apply dynamic charts generated automatically for visual analysis.

Qualtrics has several features to analyze and report your survey data. There’s Conjoint Analysis Software Tool. It also does multiple types of Regression depending on what variables are used out there. For example, there is an option to do Logistic Regression for categorical variables, etc.


To try the piping in SurveyMonkey, you need to log in to see if this feature is being included in your plan. Generally, the Question & Answer Piping function allows users to insert, or “pipe,” the answer text from a previous question to a later page question in the survey.

Text piping in SurveyMonkey Qualtrics however enables you to carry the text from one question to the next, depending on the options selected by the respondent. With piped text, survey creators can customize query and answer choices based on the respondent’s answer to the previous question.

Feature Breakdown

SurveyMonkey provides most of the tool features you need to create a professional-looking survey; you may still supplement it with alternative tools for your business as it may have unique needs that SurveyMonkey doesn’t address. Qualtrics offers built-in extensive analytical capabilities. These complex functions may require a more demanding learning curve or more thorough staff training, but they benefit businesses.


The best way to find out if SurveyMonkey is right for your business is to apply the free basic version for a couple of weeks. While it’s a great way to see if SurveyMonkey is right for your needs. The basic plan just allows the users to have ten questions per survey with a maximum of 100 responses.

Overall, SurveyMonkey may be too expensive for some start-ups or people looking to cut costs.

Qualtrics versus survey monkey plans start at $1,500 a year and may go up to $5,000 a year depending on what you need. The pricing is usually based on the features required, as well as how many of them you need, how many active team members use them and the size of your business.


How do you design a survey questionnaire through SurveyMonkey? Here you may easily customize the forms and make a good questionnaire that will be valid, clear, interesting, reliable, and concise.

Qualtrics sure is costlier as a good SurveyMonkey alternative, but you also get a significant feature set for that price. The feature-loaded questionnaire design for sure is one of the reasons to understand where is Qualtrics better than SurveyMonkey.


You can easily view your data summaries of each survey question, or browse through individual survey responses easily in both cases.   Every person will gradationally receive the same link, and responses will remain anonymous.

Which One Should You Get?

Qualtrics is perfect for product testing, pricing, and advertising based on customer feedback, and brand tracking. Compared to SurveyMonkey, one of the downsides of Qualtrics is that it is more difficult to use, especially for those with little experience with enterprise-level company tools.

Therefore, SurveyMonkey is perhaps more suitable for individuals and beginner survey creators. Qualtrics survey monkey has also many more advanced tools for advanced users who require advanced features.

Both platforms however have a basic free version that provides you with the option to upgrade to more advanced plans.  Survey monkey qualtrics also may be substituted or supplemented with another programming tool like Creabl or similar to improve the process.

Wrapping Up

In Qualtrics SurveyMonkey users can save their data in a wide range of formats. Their user interfaces are easy to navigate, making them useful for end-user without prior technical knowledge. They are convenient for businesses and individuals, but Qualtrics may have a better function for larger enterprises. Qualtrics vs SurveyMonkey is the leader in data search. However, may also be compared, substituted, or supplemented favorably by other innovation software alternatives like Creabl or similar tools in various ways.

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