How Creabl Helped to Make a Quick UX Fix That Saved Sign-Ups

What would you do if you see a massive drop in conversions on your website and you have no ideas why it happens?
It is what actually has happened to one startup that has become our valued customer. This team has decided to use Creabl to understand the customer journey better and define what caused the decrease in conversions. Here we are going to tell you their story.
The startup that has developed an online hotel-booking platform.
The customer noticed a sudden drop-off in conversions from the signup page and needed to define what caused it.


Our team developed an online hotel-booking platform. However, we didn’t notice one crucial issue before the launch, which caused a significant decrease in conversions later. Thanks to Creabl, we quickly detected that our users simply couldn’t finalize the signup process and, consequently, complete a payment. We are a startup, and resources are a crucial factor in everything we do. So, we needed to stop losing conversions as soon as possible since it could appear to be a very expensive mistake for us.


The Quick Fix That Saved Our Conversions

Right after the customer’s team revealed a decrease in conversions, they went to Creabl to investigate real user interactions in recorded sessions. After watching several sessions, they found out that the password validator feature was broken in the registration form. It meant that users couldn’t complete the signup process.

The team needed only a few hours to fix a bug, and it helped them bring conversions back to life.

How Creabl Helped to Make a Quick UX Fix That Saved Sign-Ups 1

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Continually Improving Interactions with Creabl

But it hasn’t ended here. After the bug has been fixed, the team has also decided to check an entire sales funnel to investigate if there are any other reasons for drops in conversions. It helps them to keep a thorough track of website health and get valuable user experience insights.

This team says that it has already become an obligatory part of their user testing process. After releasing new features, they conduct detailed research in Creabl. The team has shared that they usually watch nearly 100 recorded user sessions, takes notes, and leave comments right in the session recording for easier collaboration. Then, they brainstorm the best solutions and make the required user experience improvements.

We should keep in mind that some user experience infelicities aren’t so easy to detect using straightforward tools. Watching user session recordings allows you to see everything with your own eyes. There is no place for any bias or confusion since you can clearly see what users are experiencing on your site and tackle all issues immediately.



At Creabl, we believe that real user sessions are one of the most significant and most trustworthy sources of invaluable insights about users, their experiences with your website, and reasons for decreasing conversions.

When watching user sessions, you can easily find out what needs improvement and what may affect your customer decision making processes. It helps you understand how you can become better for your customers and build long term relationships with them.

We are always happy to hear new stories from our users. Please, share them with us at [email protected]. Feel free to describe what you have found sweet, confusing, or even inconvenient – all your comments are extremely valuable for us.

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