Funnels to measure everything

Create funnels to analyze user's paths and measure their activities with our funnel builder

Know who converts and why

Build funnels on the fly via the builder funnel, then break them down by any user attribute or behavior to understand which users convert best. Or, locate the funnel steps that cause friction in the funnel page builder, so you can better engage users before they drop off.

Use custom events to enhance your vision

Create custom events that would help you to track users' actions more precisely via the funnel website builder. Build a funnel website & get notified when the user passes through an onboarding process. Or, when they add a rare item to the cart. Everything is possible with proper usage of custom events & our custom funnel builder.

Register for a live demo

Join us for an interactive, introductory Creabl funnel platform website builder demo. We'll work together to create product metrics, then build and visualize them in real-time.

Understand your user's behaviour

Discover the actions users take after they sign up or before they make a purchase, and learn what your power users do differently than everyone else with the help of our marketing funnel builder tool. You can also find the top user flows throughout your whole product to see where people get stuck.

Analyze product usage in details

See how your users from particular cohorts behave, what they do, what they use. We'll bring you all the data about them in order to help you make measured decitions. We can tell you, for example, how many sessions they went through before they made an expected action.

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