Cohorts will gather users in groups

Create custom cohorts in ways that matter for you and your business with our customer segmentation solutions

Group users in ways that matter to you

Our customer segmentation system for user segmentation helps teams discover what makes valuable power users tick so they can attract more of them.

Without a customer segmentation tool from a reliable customer segmentation agency, product development is a matter of intuition and guesswork, and teams can't analyze whether their efforts paid off.

Analyse segments of users in bulk

Cohorts help you measure cause and effect relationships for a defined group (cohort) without spending a billion hours analyzing individual customer journeys one at a time.

You can use cohort analysis from our customer segmentation company to measure the success of marketing campaigns, sales efforts, prices, and feature improvements.

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Filter your visitors with rich filtering options

Filter your recordings by creating your own advanced custom cohorts using complex and/or bracketing logic conditions from our customer segmentation services. You can also combine several filter options, or even a predefined cohort and filter in order to get more insights.

Use custom events to enhance your vision

Create custom events that would help you to track user's actions more precisely. Get notified when user passed through an onboarding process. Or, when they add a rare item to the cart. Everything is possible with proper usage of custom events.

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