Retention is a key to sustaining business

Measure retention of your customer's cohorts via our retention tracking in order to find the leaks

See which users stick around and for how long

Understand how often users come back, and visualize feature stickiness with our retention tracker. Go deeper by slicing and dicing retention data to identify which user groups retain best and what causes churn.

Identify retention & conversion drivers

Prioritize product and marketing investments by answering why your users engage, convert and retain with the industry's smartest funnel and retention reports.

Where and why do users covert?
How do behaviors impact retention rates?

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Analyze Feature Adoption and Quickly Identify Indicators of Churn

Understand user adoption patterns and flag churn indicators early. Help users in danger of churn discover more value in your product by guiding them to the right features at the right time.

Analyze product usage in details

See how your users from particular cohorts behave, what they do, what they use. We'll bring you all the data about them in order to help you make measured decitions. We can tell you, for example, how many sessions they went through before they made an expected action.

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