Understand how users behave on your site

What they need? How they feel? See what your users see

Mouse trails and clicks on the tip of your finger

Creabl records actual mouse movements as visitors move across pages on your website. You can also see where they clicked and how often they moved up and down on a page.

You can skip inactivity just in one click

Skip the time frame during which visitors didn't perform any action.

This simple but essential feature will save you tons of hours. No more watching how users AFKing.

Register for a live demo

Join us for an interactive, introductory Creabl demo. We'll work together to create product metrics, then build and visualize them in real time.

Filter your visitors with rich filtering options

Filter your recordings by creating your own advanced custom cohorts using complex and/or bracketing logic conditions. You can also combine several filter option, or even predefined cohort and filter in order to get more insights.

Collect data about visitors in one place

Don't watch individual sessions, look at journeys instead. Since 1 conversion is scattered across multiple sessions, optimizers should look at the collective journey, instead. With Creabl, you can analyze cumulative journies across segments of choice (converters from USA on iOS, non-converters from UK and many others)

Need a consultation?

Join us for an interactive, introductory Creabl demo, during which one we'll talk about your business and how we might help.