Use session recording to see how visitors interact with your website

At Creabl, we know how challenging it may be to engage customers in tough online competition. To help your brand address customer needs, we have developed a visitor session recording solution that captures all user interactions on a website, lets you research an online customer journey, and attune it to what they really need.

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What are session recordings?

A user session recording looks like a video of the full user experience that shows what’s happening on your website and how an average customer sees it. Session replay tools allow you to immerse yourself into the full user experience and watch what visitors really do on your website. They record the visitor’s clicks, scrolling, typing, mouse movements, and other interactions that constitute the user experience.

Benefits of session recordings for a business

Your online business can unlock a significant number of benefits provided by sessions recording. It is a powerful tool that gives you insights into how potential customers behave, how they scan your content, and what goals they are trying to achieve on your site. These use cases will help you familiarize with the power of session recording and inspire you to start implementing the website optimization.

Empathize with your users' experience

Website recording allows you to step into your visitor’s shoes and experience an entire online customer journey. You can empathize with users and feel the same excitement or frustration from browsing on your site. Such kind of a sensitive interaction between a brand and its audience will inspire you to attune UX design, navigation, and content to the consumer’s reality and actual needs.

Detect areas of customer frustration

You can record a session and playback it to find out areas of friction and customer disappointment.

It allows you to clearly see website issues that are difficult to detect by other website analytics tools.

Click on the Play button, and start absorbing trustworthy insights about UX design and target audience that will transform your website into an enjoyable experience.

Conduct real-life A/B testing

You might notice that sometimes you need to change only a few words in a call-to-action to make it convert much better. Thus, A/B testing of elements like CTAs, pop-ups, product descriptions, and visuals has paramount importance for product success. Luckily, session recording tools enable you to run real-time user tests and check what elements drive the most engagement.

Build a powerful optimization strategy

Web session recording enables you to collect visitor data based on visual insights and shape a detailed website optimization strategy. Forget poor UX design and customer support tickets with complaints about inconvenient site navigation. With session recording tools, you will be able to re-introduce yourself as a brand that puts online customer experience at the foremost and makes everything possible to match their expectations.

Use these insights for other marketing channels

Many marketers use website session recording as a perfect tool for A/B testing. You can also test different on-page elements, such as CTAs, buttons, and marketing messages, to define which of them brings more conversions. These insights allow you not only to optimize your conversion funnels but also to rethink digital marketing on other channels. For example, the same CTAs will likely perform better in social media ads or web advertising banners.

Help teammates and customers make better-informed decisions

Use user session recordings at meetings to quickly onboard other teammates and easily demonstrate website issues.

It will keep both your team and clients well-informed on the problem so that they can suggest their optimization ideas.

Session recordings will provide easy onboarding and let all stakeholders actively participate in creating a robust website optimization strategy.

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FAQs about visitor recordings

What is a user session (visitor session)?

A user session or a visitor session is the presence of an online visitor with a specific IP address who has not visited your website recently.

Is it easy to get started with session recordings?

It’s even easier than you might expect! Just sign up for a free trial and receive a tracking code. After you place it on your website, Creabl will start collecting user sessions immediately.

How can I use a visitor session recording?

You can use visitor recordings to find our UX design bugs, learn what drives user engagement or frustration on your website, optimize site performance, and increase conversion rates.

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