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Get user behavior insights that are inaccessible for other website analytics tools

When quantitative data are powerless in providing an understanding of what your users feel and experience with your brand online — Creabl can help. Make user experience discoveries and investigate natural visitor behavior on your website.

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What is user behavior analytics?

User behaviour analytics is a method of collecting and processing information about users to understand how they interact with a website or other digital products. It allows you to get insights that are impossible to learn in Google Analytics or other traditional tools, namely

  • What web pages drive the users’ biggest excitement or frustration
  • How do people interact with particular on-page elements or an entire website ecosystem
  • What kind of content engages visitors or makes them bored
  • What they really expect from your product and site.
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Creabl's user behavior analytics tools will help you understand "what" and "why"

With Creabl, you can learn not only “what” is going with your website, but also “why” it happens. It is one of the most helpful customer behaviour analysis tools that will help you research what causes website issues, reduces conversion rates, or drives massive audience engagement. These tools can provide all of these valuable insights.

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Heatmaps let you see what call-to-actions, animation, videos, or other clickable on-page elements drive the user’s attention. They will also allow you to find out what parts of content seem irrelevant or unnecessary to users. With these insights, you can attune a website layout and content to what your customer preferences.

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User session recordings

By watching user session recordings, you will be able to understand how most of the users browse web pages, define particular behavior patterns, explore user pain points, and develop more convenient website navigation and menus. Adjust your customer experience according to these insights and see how your conversions are growing.

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Learn more about your target audience with user behaviour analytics tools

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FAQs about user behavior analytics

What does behaviour analytics show?

Creab’s user behaviour analytics will help you detect what engages and confuses visitors on your website. It also shows how people interact with different UI elements and transit to other web pages.

How can behavior analytics software help my business?

You can use behaviour analytics software to find out bugs, improve user experience design, increase content performance, and level up the overall customer experience.

How can I get started with user behavior analytics software?

It’s very easy! You can get started with Ceabl by signing up for a free trial. After this, you will access a Tracking Code, which you need to place on your website to launch a user behavior analytics tool.

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