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Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with a website live chat

Are you looking to provide better customer care, build trust with your buyers, and close the deals faster? You will enjoy the power and benefits of instant messaging for your online business success. All you need is just to add a live chat widget and see how your customer experience is becoming better with Creabl. It’s easy.

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Faster problem solutions

While browsing your website, potential customers may have many questions about your product or service. There is no need to make them wait for your support team’s email responding to their queries, just answer them instantly via a live chat on your website.

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Drive sales and conversions

Providing support via a live chat on your website may be as beneficial as having a real sales manager on standby. The AMA reported that businesses using an online chat see a 20% increase in sales. Grow your conversions too by helping prospects give up any doubts and make a purchasing decision.

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Improve customer care

You can analyze live chat sessions to pinpoint gaps or navigational problems in your support content available online and improve it upon your new insights. Provide higher-quality and faster customer service, being better prepared for the most frequently asked questions.

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Stay available and build trust

Stay in touch with your customers and let them easily contact you. A live web chat will give them confidence that they can get assistance and support if they need it. It will help you gain their loyalty and prove that your company cares about their comfort and satisfaction.

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Discover customer pain points

Are you trying to research customer pain points? Let users easily share their issues with your company via a live chat on your website. It will help you create a better experience for your customers and address their needs in the future.

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Decrease support expenses

According to Forrester, a website live chat is 50% less expensive than managing emails or calls. While WP Engine shared that within a few months of using an online chat, they could manage 90% of issues instantly and shortened their customer service costs overnight.

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FAQs about a website live chat

How to add live chat software to my website?

Setting the Creabl live chat website plugin is easy. Once you register an account, you will be supplied with HTML/Javascript code to insert on your website. You can start taking chats right after the code will be included in your web pages.

Should I provide my credit card details to start a trial?

No, we don’t inquire about any credit card details. The Creabl trial is completely free, and you can start it right now

Is a live chat software compatible with pop-up blockers?

Yes! You shouldn’t worry about pop-up blocking software. It doesn’t disable the functionality of Creabl, so your customers can see a live chat anytime.

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