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Would you like to know more about your users and how they interact with your website? Discover opportunities of web user tracking with Creabl to skyrocket your online business success and give online customers what they expect. Here we provide a brief overview of all the competitive advantages you can get with website user tracking tools.

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What is website user tracking?

Website user tracking is a practice that implies collecting qualitative data about user behavior on a website. Usually, companies monitor how visitors browse their websites to understand how they can improve user experience and visual design to make a website more convenient for customers. The more intuitive and exciting web experience you offer, the more likely visitors will come back to your brand to make a conversion.

How does your business benefit from website tracking?

With website tracking tools like Creabl, you can make discoveries that are impossible with any other web analytics software. It allows you to track user activity on a website that helps you get even more profound insights about your online customers and their real needs.

Improve website functionality and performance

Track user interactions on your website to learn how people scan your content, investigate what makes them engaged or confused during an online journey, and research how they navigate between web pages. See to which CTAs they react, what buttons they click on, and what information on a web page they don’t pay much attention. All these discoveries will help you understand users and increase the overall performance.

Level up your eCommerce

Would you like to learn why web visitors abandon your website when there is only one step to completing a purchase or sending a signup form? There may be many reasons, including poor UX, technical issues, unclear UI design, or unconcise text copy. You can track users on your website to monitor how they move throughout a sales funnel and see which web pages they are stuck on. Unlike Google analytics or other website analytics tools, Creabl can help you understand not only “where” but also “why” you lose conversions at a particular funnel step.

Use website tracking to enhance marketing

Web tracking allows you to see how people react to different marketing elements in the UI and UX design. You can track user activity on a website to run A/B testing and investigate which CTAs, images, and messages perform better, so you can also use them in other marketing channels. It will help you examine the target audience’s behavior and preferences and build a more effective digital marketing strategy.

Web user tracking regulations

Are you, maybe, wondering whether your website tracking tool complies with the GDPR and CCPA? It is a very smart question in today’s digital era. Companies care about meeting all these regulatory requirements to ensure their websites will not infringe on user privacy and take the risk of getting the penalty. However, using Creabl, you shouldn’t worry about it. Our tool doesn’t collect sensitive user data, so you can be sure that the information about your website visitors will not appear in the hands of the malefactors.

FAQs about visitor recordings

What is a user session (visitor session)?

A user session or a visitor session is the presence of an online visitor with a specific IP address who has not visited your website recently.

Is it easy to get started with session recordings?

It’s even easier than you might expect! Just sign up for a free trial and receive a tracking code. After you place it on your website, Creabl will start collecting user sessions immediately.

How can I use a visitor session recording?

You can use visitor recordings to find our UX design bugs, learn what drives user engagement or frustration on your website, optimize site performance, and increase conversion rates.

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