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Alternative to Typeform
19 Dec- 4 min read

Typeform is an online software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that creates online forms and online surveys. Its core software establishes the basis of a form based on the user’s preference. Typeform produces form forms of high quality. Apple Inc, Airbnb, Uber and Nike, Inc. have used Typeform software. Have you realized that you can also find an […]

Google Analytics Alternative
16 Dec- 5 min read

Web analytics is one of the options to foresee things for any business because it considers all temporal data and metrics and considers valuable insights from all possible data channels. Collecting, processing, and analyzing data is just as important as monitoring it. The most accessible and well-known tool for data analysis is Google Analytics. However, […]

WordPress Visitor Tracking
12 Dec- 7 min read

How-to track visits to my WordPress website? – Apply WordPress visitor tracking plugins. To track site statistics right in the admin panel, you may use at least two plugins: Jetpack and Google Analytics Dashboard for WP or platforms with similar services like Creabl or others. Check out more WordPress website visitor tracking methods for your […]

Redcap vs Qualtrics
06 Dec- 7 min read

(Research Electronic Data Capture) Redcap vs Qualtrics platforms overlooks allow you to glimpse similar products and choose the right one for your business needs. Also, feel free to find similarities and differences between each service and other valuable data for your work.   Software category comparisons Qualtrics is the industry’s leading provider of online survey […]

Using Mouseflow vs Hotjar
28 Nov- 5 min read

Just like our previous reviews of Google Analytics vs Hotjar and similar services for business, Mouseflow vs Hotjar will provide some insights into the similarities and differences between these tools to help you pick the right one for your work. What is Hotjar? Hotjar is a powerful tool with a set of valuable features that […]

Google Analytics vs Hotjar
24 Nov- 4 min read

Google Analytics vs Hotjar review will give you some hints on the two most popular services for website analysis from various perspectives. With more ways to add real-time evaluation of your website performance, you will get a better chance to improve your business.   The importance of web analytics If your site offers some kind […]

Hotjar vs Lucky Orange
21 Nov- 5 min read

Just like Qualtrics vs Medallia, Hotjar vs. Lucky Orange overview will help you to understand the services better and pick the right one for your work. Or both. Using a heat map, you may learn more about user behavior on your website or online store pages. Or identify the issues and give usability support directly […]

Qualtrics vs Medallia
17 Nov- 6 min read

Another useful tool comparison like of Hotjar & Fullstory but of medallia vs qualtrics may come in handy for people who are looking for some smart solutions for their surveying activities and studying their users’ behavior and customer experience from feedback thought the polls and surveys or similar web activities. Medallia vs Qualtrics: Intro To […]

Creabl Help Center Launch Started
15 Nov- 3 min read

Creabl new Help Center feature launch on Product Hunt started! It has been a while since Creabl was first introduced on Product Hunt, but the technology has already evolved and gained popularity among website optimization software. So, to keep growing most sought-after features for the users are being constantly added. This time a simple and […]