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What is Customer Retention: Strategies and Examples
22 Jun- 7 min read

A client is more likely to return to and recommend a familiar brand, right? This is easy to explain: the human brain is designed so that to solve a problem, it prefers a regular option rather than searching for a new one. That is why client retention should stay in your business focus. What is […]

What are Heatmaps and What are They Made For?
17 Jun- 9 min read

What is a heatmap used for? Today, heat mapping turns into an effective online tool for mouse tracking and data analysis of user behavior on a website. That is why experienced UX professionals, marketers, and SEO professionals rely on such tools to record clicks, mouseovers, scrolls, and other user experience website interactions to improve conversion […]

What are Funnels and How to Create Them? Examples & Benefits
14 Jun- 9 min read

Marketing and sales are chasing conversions and lead but often forget about the most important thing – their customers and effective communication. Business funnel building is all about it. Based on the best funnel-building experience, let’s check out how to build a sales funnel in such a way that to collect as many targeted leads […]

The Pros and Cons of User Session Recording Tools
03 Nov- 5 min read

Do you want to learn more about customer journeys, research your website visitor’s preferences, and detect what affects your conversion rate? Here we are considering how you can achieve it by applying user session recording tools. With the advent of new tech innovations, businesses have accessed more opportunities to explore consumer behavior and provide better […]

The Definitive Guide to Session Replay & Visitor Recording
03 Nov- 6 min read

In this article, we are considering what a session replay is and how businesses can benefit from it to improve website performance and visibility in the online world. Today, business success significantly depends on the company’s online presence. The website has become the primary representation of the brand in the online world. That’s why delivering […]

How to Track User Behaviour on a Website Using CRO Tools
03 Nov- 7 min read

Would you like to optimize your conversion rate more efficiently? In this article, we are outlining the benefits of using the top 5 CRO tools that can help you. Today, almost the entire commerce has switched to online mode. There are thousands of websites offering a plethora of products and services. The competition is becoming […]