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Conversion Funnel: Definition, How to Analyse and Improve
02 Aug- 5 min read

Understanding funnel conversion gives you the evidence of weak points in the chain visitor – lead – buyer and helps to eliminate them. Conversion funnel optimization and further funnel analysis will help you succeed to the utmost. What is a conversion funnel? Here’s another conversion funnel definition. A conversion funnel is a visualization of the […]

Website Analysis: Process and Tools
29 Jul- 5 min read

Modern companies seek ultimate visibility on Google search. That is why the Internet is a great source for attracting customers and sales organizations. You may dwell on your business for years and still have no significant results. An effective website analysis will help to figure out why. What is Website Analysis? Web site analysis is […]

User Experience Testing: Definition, Tools, Methods
25 Jul- 6 min read

  Ranking your site on the first search engine page is not enough for your reputation and brand awareness. The experience of your website users when they click on a link plays a big role in whether they are willing to stay on your website to get what they are looking for or not. Their […]

How to Improve UX on Your Website with UX HeatMap
21 Jul- 5 min read

The heat maps may be an exceptional tool for UX designers. But even among the fans of this instrument, there are many who do not have the slightest idea of ​​what a ux heatmap is used for. Let’s fix that. What is a heat map? A heatmap UX allows you to present information in the […]

What is Customer Journey?
13 Jul- 7 min read

If earlier, before the advent of digital technologies, it seemed that it was enough to advertise your product to potential clients directly, and they would immediately turn into buyers. But with excessive online channels, where they can learn about alternative products and choose the right offers quicker, brands no longer control the entire flow of […]

All About Tracking User Behavior on Website Analysis
08 Jul- 5 min read

Track user behavior analysis is a necessary measure that allows you to get valuable data about the website to improve its performance and so much more. Let’s discuss user behavior tracking in the context of your business’s success. What is user behavior? User behavior basically encompasses all the target actions visitors may take on a […]

How to Track User Activity on Website Effectively?
06 Jul- 8 min read

Users tracking & web analytics is complex research aimed at identifying and processing data about your website traffic in a better way. User tracking is designed to help understand why site traffic remains the same or changes in a certain way, what content or design elements are interesting for site visitors, and, finally, what can […]

All You Should Know About Funnel Analysis
29 Jun- 5 min read

To ensure high sales performance, it is necessary to constantly analyze all stages of interaction with the target consumer. For this, funnel analysis is used, which allows you to evaluate all stages – from providing data about the product to completing the transaction and paying for the product or service. Funnel analysis reveals weaknesses, the […]

The Marketing Funnel: Stages, Strategies & Optimization Tips
24 Jun- 7 min read

A marketing funnel helps visualize the steps a customer takes from getting to know a brand to complete a targeted action. You should understand in detail how to build the marketing funnel and what to use it for to achieve success in your marketing strategy. What Is a Marketing Funnel? What is a marketing funnel? […]