Website Analysis: Process and Tools

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Website Analysis: Process and Tools 1

Modern companies seek ultimate visibility on Google search. That is why the Internet is a great source for attracting customers and sales organizations. You may dwell on your business for years and still have no significant results. An effective website analysis will help to figure out why.

What is Website Analysis?

Web site analysis is known to be a specific website’s performance testing & reviewing process as per the key metrics such as speed, traffic, and search engine optimization (SEO), behavior, and user experience. Each of such elements may be a factor in your website’s success, meaning they directly affect the performance of your company and its profit.

How to Do Website Analysis

The Internet is one of the few areas of our lives where virtually everything can be measured. Nowadays, a website is, first of all, a tool for solving problems. And it will depend only on you whether it runs fast and smart, or not. Site analysis may be achieved in the next steps:

1) Pick an ideal website analysis tool, set KPIs, apply metrics, etc., as well as analysis of feedback from visitors and those who directly work with the site.

2) Form the list of tasks that this site should solve ideally.

3) Set priority goals to match those tasks.

Analysis website will be comprehensive testing to identify weaknesses and strengths (traffic, user behavior, UX) to increase your website effectiveness. Therefore, it is better to analyze a website with the help of practical tools. Website changes are a constant thing. So, it’s better to stay tuned in.

Types of Web Site Analysis

There are two large groups of analysis of websites- standard and end-to-end.

Standard or classic web analytics

The object of its research is your website. To collect data on the website, you need to sign up and set your account at one or both web analytics systems – Google Analytics and/or similar plus log analyzer of your choice. For tracking, collecting, and storing site entries, you may use Webalizer, Weblog, Creabl, etc. To supplement eCommerce projects, end-to-end analytics is also used.

End-to-end or complex web analytics

With its help, you can track the entire path of the user – from clicking on ads, for example, Google Ads, until the money gets from the buyer’s account to the seller’s one. Here, CRM data, data from advertising accounts, and statistics of web analytics systems, reports, and services are combined in one.

With the help of end-to-end analytics, you may understand which advertisements and traffic acquisition channels work best in conversion. Ideally, both types of analytics should be used, especially in eCommerce.

Website Analysis Tools

The most popular website analysis tool and the market leader remains Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides you with the data collected and summarized in standard reports:

  • Demographics.
  • General information.
  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Interests.
  • Audience segments by interest.
  • Present market segments of the audience.
  • Other categories.

Keep an eye on their updates for full tutorials on how to work with Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 which is already released.

If the capabilities of GA are not enough for some reason, you may use other popular web analytic programs:


By far, the easiest and most convenient way to track and analyze your website user behavior, record sessions, and improve your website user experience and how people use the website. User session recordings allow you to do just that by showing you exactly how users interact with your application, from the first launch to exit. Heatmaps show where customers spend the most time and where they click on the page. You can see the buttons, CTAs, videos, or other interactive assets are getting the most and least interactions.


Mixpanel is a service with advanced analytics, where, in addition to standard metrics, you may track user behavior. It also features recommendations based on the results of the analysis – segmentation of the target audience, formation of sales funnels, advice on improving the service, etc.


Smartlook is a great qualitative analytics solution that may be used for both websites and mobile apps to help over 200,000 businesses of any size and industries answer the “whys” behind their website users’ actions.

The sky’s the limit in choosing and applying analytical tools to optimize and improve your website work depending on your current marketing goals.

What’s the Benefit of a Website Analysis?

Site analysis is a kind of diagnostics that allows you to identify the problems of the resource. This applies to all process aspects (traffic, UX, performance, etc.) Website analytics platforms are helpful tools created for optimizing your website performance by highlighting how users interact with your data. It allows you to understand how well your website performs, and it may provide more insightful data about your most converting or not visitors.


Business needs a website. The site needs traffic and needs to convert. To control traffic and other indicators, you cannot avoid site analysis. And a detailed analysis comes down to complex web analytics. So, how to analyze a website? Easily, if you apply website analytics and website analysis examples to understand the processes better. Without them, it will be a mess in online sales and Internet marketing on the website, as well as other business processes.


Why Should I Analyse Competitor Websites?

Performing a competitor and website analysis may enable you to detect pain points and improve your own digital marketing strategy accordingly or even find weaknesses, as well as strengths in your company organization, and find opportunities for growth in any case that you may not even thought of before.

What should I look for in a website analysis?

Most valuable is understanding where website traffic originates (e.g., from organic search or social media, etc.), what the popular pages are, which traffic sources convert better and which are not, and where you may lose potential customers out on the website of your sales funnel. It also helps you double down on the most successful digital marketing campaigns to investing in resources accordingly.

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